Our workshops are designed to enrich your thinking and lives. We currently offer a series of financial insights and techniques for well-informed management of your money.

Financial Workshops


These workshops are designed to help you learn about the fundamentals of money. The process of figuring out how to manage your assets and make investments work for you is not trivial by any means. We teach risk-based investment thought processes and skills you will need to navigate the many options (stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc.) and the nuances of each option to help you decide the option that will work best for you. 


Leadership Workshops


Executive Skills Workshops are designed to help you to think like a leader. The necessary skills to organize, plan, communicate, collaborate, coordinate etc. will help you in your business endeavors both entrepreneurial and organizational.


We find that these leadership skills are necessary to help your kids and teenagers adjust to the vagories of tasks at school and at home.

Health Workshops


Coming soon!

Worshops at Waverley

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