Two Sisters
Chasing Goats

These stories are shared to keep history alive at the farm while giving you a feel for life at the farm as it is today. Our family is about taking care of our heads and hearts and we hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do.

Unlike most farms that have useful goats, we have fainting goats. That's right, their feet lock up and they keel over when they are scared. Wouldn't you know, that the day one of them got loose, he never fainted? Instead he ran into the horse paddock and the horses promptly started chasing him. Montana decided he was going to get him a piece of mutton and they other two horses decided they wanted the same. Did the goat faint? NO. I have not laughed more than I did that day and I was absolutely useless in the goat-recovery endeavor.

Virginia and Elizabeth Moffett lived in Waterford during the civil war. Virigina lived at Waverley with her husband Francis Preston who sympathized with the north. Elizabeth lived in the sister house just over the hill with her husband Colonel Giddings who fought for the south. I can only imagine the conversations between the two sisters during those civil war years. Several civil war artifacts have been found on the property and do ask to see them when you visit.

A barristor, Loveless, who did an extremely careful renovation of Waverley Farm during the late 1930's was killed by vagrants in the dining room. Our family loves to recite ghost stories about him especially during Halloween.


If you can feel the need to chat with our ghost, please let us know and we'll arrange a meeting. Just kidding!

It is rumored that a doctor lived at Waverley Farm sometime after the civil war. He took care of TB and mentally ill patients. You will notice bars on windows of the old school house. Some were housed in the travelling room in the attic. The travelling room was built when the house was, to lock up weary travellers during the night for safety. Check out the window in the travelling room with bars in it, used to feed the patients.

Ghost of Loveless
The Doctor

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