From time to time Waverley Farm hosts special projects for the community. Frequent gatherings for breakfast are hosted by Success in the Country for example. We believe that the soul of the community can be enriched by getting together frequently and sharing experiences and ideas to better us all.

Community Film Projects


Led by John Beavers of Painted Wolf Productions


Fair Play, a feature length dramatic movie was filmed on premises. Fair Play is an original script with original music created by teenagers with support from adults with film training. The project is currently in its final edits.


The goal is to enter Fair Play into Film Festivals, to NetFlix and/or straight to DVD and YouTube.


Boots & Breakfasts


Hosted once a month by Success in the Country



These gatherings are enrichment and networking events that are designed to foster conversations and solve problems for the betterment of women and therefore the community at large.


Waverley Gatherings

Waverley Farm

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