The Sundial Garden
The Parterre

The gardens at Waverley Farm are reminiscent of an old English Garden with a touch of Virginia. Most of the gardens described below layout a combination of old-fashioned and native plants that are carefree and well-suited to the climate in Virginia.

The parterre was designed to be an herb garden mixed in with old-fashioned and natural flowers. The hellebores start blooming as early as february and last util July. Not only are they native plants, but they are compact and majestic and a must for every garden. Do inquire about our little nursery that grows hellebores for any takers. Nicotiana bloom in the summer. Tree Peonies and primroses bloom in the spring.

The garden that welcomes you to the kitchen entrance was the earliest garden I attempted to create. Tulips and boxwoods add interest in the spring. Foxglove, Japanese Anemone, Phlox and Coneflowers give is interest all summer long. Dahlias planted in the spring give a show of color in the fall upto the first frost when they are dug up and brought in for use the next year.

The Rose Garden

After a visit to Giverney and Monet's garden with the Master Gardeners, I created this garden in memory of that amazing trip. I returned with 5 tins of seeds of different colors from the shops at Giverney and promptly planted them to create this quntissentially french garden. Feel free to pick some seeds for your own garden when you visit.

Rows of poppies, peonies, irises, and lilies adorn the garden that was modeled after a garden that was originally designed by Renoir himself for year round interest. By the middle of summer, zinnias are in full bloom in place of the poppies. I recently added meadow rue and hellenium to the garden for pizzazz.

Monet's Garden
Renoir's Garden

Historic Gardens

Waverley Farm

The original rose garden had been mowed down over the years but nevertherless a few of them have survived. The roses are mostly species and found roses that are noted for their hardiness and fragrances. The butterfly garden in front of the rose garden is at its best when the poppies, blackberry lilies, hyssop and yellow coneflower are all blooming at the same time.

The English Garden

Even though the gardens at Waverley Farm are reminiscent of old English gardens, this one in particular located on the front hill has a lovely combination of topiary roses, larkspur, lady's mantle, obedient plant, salvia and the like, that are typically found in England.

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